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Our Story

Alaska Monitoring began our legacy of working with the Alaska court system in 2007. Our company has operated within 28 communities across our great state and has built excellent relationships with many courts and agencies across all 4 regions of Alaska. New policies and legislation in Alaska have once again opened the door for privately run pretrial services, and AMDT LLC currently offers pre-trail service in the Fairbanks North Star Borough. We offer Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM), multiple levels of Security in GPS tracking and Victim notifications, court ordered random breath testing, as well as DOT-compliance drug and alcohol testing. AMDTLLC currently works with the Fairbanks court system and rans the first pilot program for the 24/7 sobriety program December 2013 through June 2016, with 2x daily PBT and random PBT and drug testing for the courts and our clients.

Alaska Monitoring is a service orientated company, designed and structured to assist in the success of our clients while maintaining public safety and community awareness, and meeting court requirements. Alaska Monitoring is active with Alaska legislators and the regulatory process, has assisted the state of Alaska with statute and regulation regarding DUI and Alaska's ignition interlock laws, and other sobriety issues within many of our communities. In February of 2016 Alaska Monitoring Formed a working Coalition with Pioneer Peak Monitoring LLC and Alaska Pre-Trial Services both in the Mat-su and Anchorage area to better assist the public and Alaska court systems to ensure Compliance of Private Electronic Monitoring companies with state of Alaska Standards and Dept. of Corrections regulations.

Alaska Monitoring pre-Trial Service was established May of 2014, as a service to the Alaska Court System In Fairbanks Alaska’s Fourth judicial District. Tasked with operation of a Pilot Program In Alaska Called the 24/7 Sobriety Program. To ensure the Sobriety of Defendants, while pending resolution of their criminal cases. Alaska Monitoring quickly adapted the program to include Drug offences and incorporated it into Daily Monitoring of Defendants with other cases requiring GPS tracking, house arrest and public safety.

Our Primary goal is assisting our clients to regain their position in the community, and assist them in maintaining sobriety, to ensure the client is able to make better decisions, and avoid further legal or criminal actions against them. Statistics show many offenders once released, will offend again without any form of assistance. Alaska Monitoring’s Program also allows for third party status monitoring without a live person having to stand by. Ensuring defendant compliance through the use of ACTIVE Gps tracking, Geo Fencing, utilizes the best Electronic technology available.