Public Services

Random Drug and alcohol screening programs
Work Place pre-employment and random drug free work place testing
DOT compliance drug testing
Post-accident Drug Testing
Hair Follicle testing for Work place
Secure Data base, recording and records keeping.
Drug and alcohol Monitoring and reporting for Office children’s services cases.

Our Drug and alcohol testing programs are verified through these vendors






Defendant Services

Third party status for defendants in a pre-trial status
Court Ordered Compliance Monitoring
Active Gps house arrest and Curfew Monitoring
Continuous Alcohol Monitoring and house arrest
Home and work place inspections
Structured and random Drug or alcohol testing
Curfew Monitoring & Verification
Continued Verification of Residence
Implementation of Safety Plans designed to protect alleged victims and the public
Compliance Reporting for Courts, Probation and Prosecuting Attorneys
Assistance in establishing Substance abuse / mental health assessment requirements
Day for Day, Credit for Jail sentence when applicable