• "Vince is a hard working great guy, he likes to make sure people stay on the straight and narrow, he mat seem rough, however he is just doing his job, I appreciate all the hard work he does"

    "Vince is a hard working great guy, he likes to make sure people stay on the straight and narrow, he mat seem rough, however he is just doing his job, I appreciate all the hard work he does"


"To who it may concern, December 07, 2016

My name is April. I am writing this letter on behalf of Vincent Holton and the staff at AMDT. I became a client at AMDT on May 10, 2016, regarding my civil children custody case. I will be continuing services until June 1, 2017 upon completion and resolution of my court requirements. The monitoring program has helped me with my sobriety and has given me faith that upon successful completion, I will once again be reunited with my children. Mr. Holton and the staff at ADMT have treated me with kindness and respect throughout my monitoring process. They have given me advice and encouragement that has gone far beyond their scope of care. I know that I will succeed with my court requirements and will continue with my sobriety.
Thank you for your time. Sincerely,"


"To whom it may concern.

My name is Justin and March 27th of 2014 I was arrested for felony domestic violence. 1 was honest with law enforcement about my drug and alcohol problem from the beginning.

Alter 30 days in jail I was released on bond with a court approved third party custodian. as part of the conditions of release 1 was placed on ankle monitor and was to partake in the 24/7 sobriety program. needless to say the program was an inconvenience and not at all to my liking but I was treated fairly and with respect by Vince and his staff.

The restrictions and accountability placed upon me during this period helped me get a handle on my problems. it was a very hard time in my life and without the structure of the program i likely would not have succeeded. Today I am past all of that, I have Done my time, successful completed treatment (LEAP) and remain sober to this day.

I can honestly say that the services provided by Alaska Monitoring and drug testing are helping to create a safer community. -On Wed, Dec 7, 2016"


"To whom it may concern,

Having recently required the services of Alaska Monitoring and Drug Testing it feels right to leave a thank you for services rendered and to show support for the program. A lot of good can come out of the ability to leave a pre-sentence facility and be able to move towards healthy integration back into society. Ultimately, the greater good, in the interests of humanity is upheld with the end result of desistance from crime: in efforts to diminish the societal impacts of recidivism.

Here are a few reasons to move in the direction of this type of service:

  • Having constant gps monitoring keeps tabs on would-be suspicious behaviors.

  • Treatment options are nearly non-existent at the Fairbanks Correctional Center unless a person is there for an extended period of time. Even then the choice is extremely limited to LSSAT only.

  • Some people don't have the resources to devote to their case from within; time and money limitations for attorneys and limited phone access make it difficult to work on getting through the legal system. While on release it is much easier to set goals that will help a person accomplish the steps that are required.

  • Access to healthy people and situations are rare within the confines of FCC. Most repeat offenders are in need of mental health and treatment. The deterrent aspect of incarceration has statistically shown very little correlation to the antithesis of recidivism. It's really as simple as that.

  • The tax payer burden: we all pay for those who are just hanging out at FCC, let's make steps towards a smaller deficit and put non-violent offenders to work, it's the best move for everyone. Certainly the incentive is them for a working person to pay for both pre and post sentenced electronic monitoring programs.

Having said that I would like to thank Vince for his professionalism and dedication to the cause. His positive non-judgmental attitude were duly noted and appreciated in a time of considerable duress.

Sincerely yours, Aaron - Friday, November 21, 2014"


"To Whom it May Concern:

This letter is in support of Alaska Monitoring & Drug Testing (AMDT), which is managed by Vince Holton in Fairbanks. Alaska.

It is my understanding that AMDT has currently applied to be a provider for 24/7 monitoring and other services in Fairbanks, Alaska, under a Request for Proposals (RIP).

This letter is to serve as a letter of recommendation and support for AMDT. AMDT has been functioning in Fairbanks now for over two years. During that period of time, the services provided by AMDT have been quite good. As defense counsel, I have found AMDT to not only be willing to spend the extra hours to engage in 24/7 monitoring services, but also not to be reluctant to report to the court when a supervisee has violated the terms and conditions of release. Obviously, when a report is made, defense counsel are normally not happy, and would prefer to see that their client has not violated the terms and conditions of their release. On the other hand, those are the rules. As such, AMDT has been careful in following those rules and, in my opinion, performing well.

In addition, it is my understanding, both from reputation and from observation, that AMDT personnel are highly respected and accepted by the court, and have provided a very worthwhile alternative to simply incarcerating an individual, costing them employment, and causing additional expense to the State. Both the 24/7 program, which has been performed by AMDT, as well as the electronic monitoring programs, have been quite successful. In addition, I have found that Vince Holton, as well, has taken a genuine interest in thc people that he supervises, often assisting them in obtaining rehabilitative therapy, as well.

In closing, therefore, I can strongly recommend AMDT and Vince I lolton as a highly-qualified and reputable candidate for the award of the State of Alaska's RFP for 24/7 monitoring and other related services. - June 30, 2016

William R. Satterberg, Jr. Attorney.

"To Whom it May Concern:

Our Office has worked with Mr. Holton and his staff for several years regarding electronic monitoring and the 2417 sobriety program. Mr. Holton has been fantastic to work with. He is quick to respond to any of our questions or concerns and is readily assessable when needed. He works well with clients, and they seem to respond well to him. He is a no nonsense but fair and follows the law. He offers help and advice to those under his charge. They know where he stands; violating the rules of the program can land them back into jail.

We will continue to place clients on the 24/7 sobriety program because of Mr. Holton and his staff. Whenever an issue may arise, Mr. Holton is quick to communicate by email or phone informing us what is going on and what can be expected. We have received top notch service from him and his staff and would like this to continue into the future. -July 28, 2016

Mike* and Sandra*

"Dear Mr. Holton.

You asked me to provide you a letter of reference recommending AMDT, LLC. (to be submitted to the State of Alaska).

My understanding is that AMDT will be considered as the principal organization administering the 24/7-sobriety program for the testing and monitoring of clients/participants in the Fairbanks area who have identifiable alcohol issues.

I am pleased to provide you this letter of reference. As the Retired Presiding Judge of the Wellness Court in Fairbanks, Alaska 1 was familiar with this type of program and I believe that AMDT is the most experienced, most credible, and most thorough monitoring program of its type in the interior of the State of Alaska.

I'm certain that AMDT will fulfill its contract obligations to the state and to its clientele to the letter. I also know that your organization is a no-nonsense program with the type of integrity that makes this type of program work.

Whoever reads this letter should understand that I highly recommend AMDT as the service provider to the State of Alaska for the 24/7-sobriety program.


Robert B Downes - Former presiding judge of the Fairbanks Wellness Court and now engaged in the private practice of law. - June 30. 2016

Robert B Downes

"To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. Holton has been providing services in the Fairbanks Alaska area since 2013. As a former assistant district attorney 1 can understand the need to move forward in a budgetary direction that requires us to be more progressive in the way that we attempt to develop criminal justice management.

Currently, Alaska spends way too much money needlessly incarcerating Alaskans, especially on matters of bail. The systematic bail practices in Alaska only serve to excessively incarcerate poor Alaskans at our expense, and possibly run afoul of our Constitution.
I have been pleased to have worked with Mr. Holton in placing clients on electronic monitoring while he has run the program, initially in the Fairbanks area, and expanding to other areas of the Siam.

Mr. Holton has responsibly run his business. He makes frequent and regular court appearances on behalf of clients and the State of Alaska. He has had to report bail violations for the people that ho has monitored. He has developed protocols to ensure the safety of Alaskans while operating his business.

In short. I would recommend Mr. Bolton for these services. He is a capable Alaskan business person who will responsibly manage these contracts. - July 28, 2016

Jason Weiner, Attorney at Law

"State Licensing:

I am an attorney in Fairbanks, Alaska and do about seventy-five percent criminal defense work. My reliance on ADMT to monitor, engage clients, record movement, and ensure compliance with court orders is infinite. This program has instant credibility with the court and much of that, I believe, is not just the follow-through by Vince Holton but the extra mile he provides with communication. He does not procrastinate or discard the importance of the moment whether it is the court, remand, or attorney requests.

Clients. their families, and the community benefit from this service. It shifts costs from the state of alaska in multiple ways. Being held pending trial is costly, employers lose employees they have invested in. families lose bread winners which may, in turn, cause government intervention, and meaningful services outside jail are unavailable.

Vince and his staff are easy to contact; they are extremely responsive. They are the linchpin to a system sometimes limited in its accessibility. They are now part of the landscape of court proceedings; in some cases they are pivotal in facilitating matters without being a direct participant as such in negotiations.

This service is unquestionably the most significant factor in getting cases to move without the stress of incarceration. My work gets done sooner and more efficiently.
respectfully, nelson traverse - Friday, July 15, 2016"